Frequently asked questions:

  • Q: How long will it take to create my personalized item after I have bought it?
    A: Our average production time for personalized items is 2-5 business days, but is usually around 3 days except for peak seasons.
  • Q: How long is shipping?
    A: Depends on the rate! Our Standard Shipping rate is from 10 - 28 business days, which includes every country we deliver to. For the United States, Australia, Canada, Europe and the United Kingdom we typically see packages delivered within 10 - 17 business days.
  • Q: What if I don't like my item when it gets here?
    A: Let us know! We get that sometimes things don't turn out as expected and that it can be a pretty disappointing experience.. which we just don't stand for.  Contact a rep and they will guide you through the refund/return process 1-on-1
  • Q: How do I order customized/personalized stuff?
    A: It's really easy! Every product that is custom made has a form on-page for you to enter all your information for personalizing your design. There's even product-specific examples provided and reference charts to give you ideas!

    If you still have questions, or are un-sure about how to interact with the site, please contact us here.